Friday, March 5, 2010

Not gonna happen....

Alright, so a friend of mine has begun a "Friday Fives" section on her blog and asked some of us to participate, so I figured why not!? Today's topic is things you will NEVER catch me doing.
So, here it is:

Seriously, no idea why anyone would want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, just for the "fun" of it. Now, if you have done this and love it (and I know people who have) be my guest. But, I am far too chicken for this one.

4. Cave diving
So, am I coming across as totally phobic? I hope not. Even so, I must admit that I have a few things that freak me out. Heights is one, but I am also quite claustrophobic. So, the thought of being closed in underground would just send me over the edge.

3. Making my own clothes
I wish I could say that I have this kind of talent, however my few attempts to make things with the intention of wearing has been, frankly, laughable. I will leave that talent to my sis.

2. Bikini Wax
Um, enough said.

1. Give up Chocolate
HELLO! It's chocolate! There are a few things in life that I treasure. I don't smoke, do
drugs, etc. Everyone is due a few treats in life that are not necessarily good for them....
right? Well, these are mine! Dr. Pepper, coffee, ice cream, and chocolate. I don't plan on
ever giving them up.



  1. I never knew the bikini one. I guess I won't give ou any waxing gift certificates for your birthday....

  2. I am with you on all of your 5's!!! I have a friend that does the Bikini Wax and from what I understand its just as bad as you would think! Thanks for the doing Friday Five's!!

  3. I completely agree with the sky diving. Who on earth wants to test out dying like that?? And the cave thing! Unfortunately I have had to this one. For my Hub's bday he wanted to go this tourist place that takes groups through these underground caves. It is TIGHT quarters AND there are these lovely bugs called cave spiders that are EVERYWHERE!! I spent the whole time trying to make myself as small as possible and pray that it would all be over soon. AND the other people there smelled, apparently they don't know what deodorant is... And I think I'm the friend that Beth is talking about with the bikini wax. Yes, I do the brazilian at a place called Wax Nashville, and while it isn't a walk in the park, I have definitely been through worse and the results are well... pretty awesome, my hubby could tell a difference so I'll keep doing it.