Sunday, March 21, 2010

Friends, farm, and Bubbles

So, this was a busy weekend for us! We have some good friends that we often get together with. We all have kids around the same ages, we go to church together, we do things together a lot.
One of the things we do a couple of times each year is go to "the farm".

You may be reading this and thinking "huh?" or "why?" Let me just tell you! This friend of mine has some family property a couple of hours from here, in the middle of nowhere. Her grandparents lived there, her father was raised there. They have thousands of acres sitting at the bottom of a mountain with an adorable little farm house sitting on it. At one time there were horses, cows, and other animals grazing there. When her sweet grandaddy passed a few years back there was talk of what to do. They still harvest stone from their side of the mountain, which can keep up the utilities. So, the family agreed to keep the place up and use it as a "getaway."

Once the animals were sold the house was given a face lift, with fresh paint, a little new furniture and updated appliances. Since then, they have been gracious enough to open up the house to their close friends who want to get away a few times each year. I never imagined I would enjoy a place like this so much. But, it is wonderful!!

The house does not have TV, but there is a dvd player and lots of board games in the event of rain. There are plenty of bathrooms and bedrooms, making it comfortable for all, a huge kitchen and eating area, and an entire attic full of bunk beds where all the kids can sleep (enough to sleep 10!)

Outside there is a large blacktop driveway with room for bikes and chalk, a playground, a large vegetable garden, 4-wheelers, and a pond stocked full of fish! The kids are able to run and play while the adults sit on one of the many rocking chairs on the porch and relax. A few of us girls even went for a hike up part of the mountain and spotted a gorgeous waterfall.

Yesterday we watched as a horse and buggy went by..... This was followed by a campfire and a "spooky hayride" for the moms and kids!

So, as much fun as we always have, the one thing you can always count on is that the kids will come back FILTHY and TIRED! When we got home today my boys smelled like fish, dirt, and feet. Yuck! So, our first stop was a rare treat for them. Since we typically put them into the shower during the week a Bubble Bath was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

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