Friday, April 15, 2011

I recommend...

Well, this is something I have considered adding to my blog for a while now. Coincidentally, it is also the "Show us your life" topic today over at Kelly's Korner.

Every now and then we all come across something that is either a good deal, a good read, great movie, and so on. I don't know about everyone else, but I love getting recommendations from friends when they come across something like this. Obviously you won't always have the same opinion or taste as someone else, but just think about the times when someone gave you a tip that you really enjoyed! You come away excited and grateful for it. At least I do.

For example, my sis and my friend Beth both told me for months that I needed to get the Pioneer Woman cookbook.

I admit that I hesitated, from the sound of it I was worried that it would involve too many things that make my skin crawl.... like lima beans and turnip greens. (shutter...)

BUT! After my sister repeatedly told me how good the Chocolate Cake recipe was I had to try it. I ordered it from Amazon for Christmas and when I finally dove into it I was thrilled!! In fact, on one of our many snow days this year I jumped in and tried several of her recipes, you can read about it here.

Lesson learned.

I was very grateful for the tip as I have made many of the Pioneer Woman recipes that I dare say I would never want to go without again!

So, here is my first recommendation for you (Ok, I guess this would technically be the second).

My husband told me about a book that someone had referred to him at work. He works in an office with lots of women, they talk a lot.
Anyway, he knew it would be something I would enjoy reading.

The book is called 90 Minutes in Heaven.

Wow. Let me tell you, it was great! I got it from the library and was done reading it within a few days.

It is written by a Baptist preacher in the south who was involved in a horrible car accident and died, squashed in his car on the side of the road, after being struck by a tractor trailer.
As you can guess from the title, he was later revived.

I have always had a fascination with "near death experiences." I have no idea why, but I love to sit and listen to someone tell of their experience. Even though there are times when some stories I read about or hear seem a little too "hoaky" or made-up, there are always the ones you can tell are absolutely for real. This is one of those stories.

As a Christian I know for a fact that Heaven is waiting for me, so there is not a problem with doubt. I guess you would call it curiosity, plain and simple. Quite obviously, most people do not go there and then come back. So to hear someone tell of his experience there is captivating.

It was one of those books I will never forget. His descriptions alone leave you thirsty for more detail.

I got mine from the library, but you can also find it at Amazon for about $8-10.
So don't wait!

I assure you it is worth reading.

For those of you who have read it, let me know what you thought about it!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Internet hiatus...

Whew! Let me tell you, it has been rough the last couple of weeks.

I had been having trouble with my laptop for about a year now, but kept hoping it was nothing.

Silly me. Laptop problems are rarely nothing.

So, I took it to a friend to have him wipe it clean and re-load it with Windows XP. I just like XP better than Vista (but that is a whole other issue, I won't bore you with that now!)

It was bad enough to be without my sidekick while it was being worked on.

Then the bad news came...... "Your computer is toast." They actually said it in a nicer way, but you get the idea.

Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!! How am I supposed to get anything accomplished without my computer?
I was completely speechless. This meant I had to buy a new one. Ugh... my stomach sank.

I hate computer shopping!! As much as I feel like I know when it comes to using computers, I instantly feel like a moron when I have to shop for a new one.
Luckily my husband is better with all the technical "lingo" than I am. I just say "I want it to be fast and hold a lot of stuff." and he translates that into what I need. Love it!

So, long story short I have been without a computer for roughly 2 weeks!

I feel completely cut off from society. Isn't that crazy!? It is amazing how dependent we are on our technology. I think I even began having withdrawals....

And, as much as I love my Droid smartphone, it just isn't quite the same. My eyes begin to go crossed trying to Google on it for too long. Plus, let's face it, there are some things those smart phones just weren't meant to do, at least until Adobe figures out how to put Photoshop on there..... ooooh, now that would be cool!

Fortunately, the new computer I ordered arrived a couple of days ago. Naturally, being a different system than what I was used to there is a bit of a learning curve, but I am happy to say that I am finally back in the land of the "informed"!

So, hopefully I can get caught up on my work and be blogging again within the next few days.

I did a session with some great girls and their cousins a few days back and let me tell you the Spring is the perfect time! There are really some great places to shoot and right now everything is blooming!

They looked beautiful, (although I can't share them quite yet since they want this to be a "Mother's Day Surprise." I will post a few after, though!)

Call me now to book for spring before we get into the "Africa Hot Summer" we seem to always have here in the south!

I will probably have some more specials coming up so stay tuned!!