Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sweet Cupcakes

I always love to share when I get an order for something I am excited about.

It has taken me a while to get the pictures off my camera, but these are some cupcakes I made recently for a ballet recital.
It was a big job that I did with my neighbor. We were baking and decorating for 2 days straight, but they turned out so great!

We actually had a wedding reception to provide cupcakes for the same weekend, and sadly I did not get time to photograph them all.

Let me just say, It is really hard to bake all those yummy things and not eat them.

Man. That was really hard.

Anyway, back on track now. So, we had a wide assortment of flavors to do for this one. I have had many cake orders, but never so much variety in one event.

For the wedding we did:
Carrot cake with cream cheese and pecan frosting
German chocolate with german chocolate frosting
Strawberry with buttercream frosting
Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting

Now, for the ones I did manage to photograph....
I thought it was a pretty good idea for the customer having the ballet recital to offer 2 kid-friendly options, with one of them appealing to whatever boys would be there.
No self-respecting boy wants a frilly, pink cupcake no matter how good it tastes!

This is what we provided for the boys.

It is a devil's food cupcake with cookies and cream frosting, made with real Oreos.
Aren't they cute? These were a big hit!

I have also prepared these with a slightly cocoa flavored cookies and cream frosting for those of you who want something with chocolate that isn't too sweet.

Finally, the one I personally chose as my favorite.

This is a simple white cupcake, with sweet pink buttercream rosettes. They looked like a florists box of pink bouquets when we were finished!
In addition, we added a little glittery touch to the top for a little "girlie sparkle!"

Now, there is one thing I want to point out. Did you notice something?

As cute and kid-friendly as these are, there is not a pound of frosting on top waiting to send your kids into hyperspace-sugar-shock.
They are cute and tasty, and have plenty of frosting to suit any kid's taste, without being too much.

These are a great option for any occasion and much easier than carving a cake. If you have a birthday party, or some other event coming up give me a call!

With the exception of the German Chocolate, you can get these delightful treats for only $3 each or a dozen for $27.

Who can resist?? I'm having trouble myself.....

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Special!

Wow! It is hot out there!

Can you believe it is already summer? Time has just flown by, hence it being a month since my last post.

As busy as the school year seems to be, it is multiplied in the summer it seems when the kids are out of school and I am playing "Taxi" to all the various camps and activities, in addition to working!

I am tired just talking about it!

So, some customers asked me recently if I had any good specials coming up. So, here you go!

This will be good for the months of June and July, so don't miss out!

Keep in mind that summer shots, while warm out, make beautiful portraits. If you book a morning appointment, the heat is not bad and right now everything is in bloom. Contact me now before the summer is all booked!

Before you know it, school will be starting!

Enjoy your summer while it lasts!