Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween and stuff!!

Wow, so hard to believe it is the end of October! Seriously, folks where has the time gone this year?

I have been swamped lately (a good problem, no I am not complaining) so I have really fallen behind in my promise to be a better blogger... not much I can do now except apologize and post a little something about what I have been up to!

Well, the fall promotion is in full swing! I have had the op
portunity to photograph some great families this year. This year's promotion is being shot at the Cloverbottom Mansion in Donelson. All I can say is WOW!! It is always a beautiful place to shoot, but this time of year is breathtaking.

In addition to the fall promo, I had the joy of photographing a friend of mine's new baby girl. Oh, she is just so sweet! As you know I have 2 boys, so I am happy to borrow my friends' little girls oca
sionally. Look at this precious little thing!!!
I have also been juggling my "mom" responsibilities
, which means getting set for Halloween. My kids are just like me, they LOVE this holiday. Not just for the candy, which is an obvious benefit, but for the costumes, spooky decorations, and scary movies. They are not happy unless there are "gravestones" in our front yard and spooky lights and music.... You should see the homemade gravestones.. the dollar store was sold out so Christian and I decided to make our own. He did such a great job, this little project made him happy and didn't cost us a thing!

Last weekend we had "Trunk-or-Treat" at our church. Anyone here look familiar?

The "scary scarecrow" is Cameron, and the cutest "Dracula" ever would be Christian. They were so proud! This was the first year Christian ever allowed me to put anything on his face, so he was especially excited to show off his new look, even though half of his face paint had been rubbed off by the time we drove the 5 minutes to church. Why does your nose only itch when you aren't supposed to scratch it?

They have convinced me to dress up this year, so there will be a "witch" joining the crew this Halloween.

Later I will post pictures, and maybe I will even tell you how little these costumes cost us this year! Oh yes, I am thrifty with this too. No way am I going to pay full price for a costume....