Friday, March 12, 2010

To do.....

Ok, so here are my "Friday Fives"!

5 Things on my To Do list. Wow, this is actually much longer than 5, but if I sit here and try to list them all then NONE of them will ever get done! :)

1. Organize my studio
I have had frames and backdrops sitting in there ready to be organized and displayed for months. I always have it close by so that I can find it when I need to use it, but it just isn't as organized as I would like. That is not my gift, as hard as I try. That would be my sister's area so I guess I will just have to hire her!

2. Clean out the closets
Don't we all have this on our list? I know that my sister does. It is something I truly dread to do but I always feel so much better when it's done. The only problem is what to do with all the clothes once I get them out of the closet. For the kids, this usually means getting them washed and ironed for the next consignment sale. (again, more work that I usually don't have time for!) For me it can mean a trip to goodwill, yardsale, or clothing swap. Either way, I need to get it done because I am running out of space!!!

3. Send some stuff to Iraq
I was raised in a very military family. We are surrounded by present or former soldiers in my family! So, I have always had a soft spot for the guys in uniform. They do such an amazing job and very rarely get the credit they greatly deserve. At the moment we have two men, who are friends of the family, serving overseas. One is in Kuwait and the other is in Iraq. I am hoping to get some stuff packaged up and sent to them. My husband tells me (from experience) that getting letters and packages from home make all the difference when you are that far away. So, this is probably going to take top priority on my list!

4.Have a yard sale
I know that my friend Beth mentioned this on her blog as well, maybe we should team-up and have one BIG one! After working on a remodel project in our basement this winter, making it into a family room/playroom for the kids we have accumulated a lot of "stuff" in the garage area that can't go back in that room..... so they are gonna have to GO! I will post when it will be so you can come and shop!

5. Be a better blogger
Try saying that 5 times real fast!! Anyway, I am new at this and the habit of sitting down to write something as frequently as I should is a new one for me, but I am working on it!

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