Friday, March 26, 2010

My cleaning tip for "hospital clean"

Hospital clean!

Ok, so I know that the "hospital" smell is not necessarily a good thing. But, one thing I always notice in certain parts of hospitals is that clean smell.

Well, my house has all hardwood floors with the exception of two rooms: the kitchen and bathroom. Coincidentally, these are the two rooms where I want the floors to be really clean! The kitchen is a nice linoleum and the bathroom a very nice tile (yep, laid it myself!! - that is a story for another day...)

I have found that the best way to keep these floors clean is NOT with those expensive floor cleaners, but with simple rubbing alcohol. THAT is why hospitals smell so clean. (Well, that and bleach!)

You don't want to use this on your hardwood,but when I get ready to clean the floors in these two rooms i pour a bottle of rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle and grab an old rag. You can use a mop if you like, but this will use a little bit more alcohol. Let me tell you, you will not have to scrub anything! Just spray on the alcohol and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, you wipe it off. It will take little or no effort to give your floor a quick wipe and you will have that "hospital clean." If you look at the back of those expensive floor cleaners, guess what the main ingredient is? Yep, alcohol. The real thing is much cheaper and works just as well!

Once you're done just light a candle if you don't like the "hospital" smell but enjoy knowing that your floors are really clean!

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