Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Fives - my "guilty" pleasures!

We all have "Guilty Pleasures" right? Those things in life that we probably should not enjoy as much as we should.... So, these are mine!

1. Dr. Pepper
Sounds crazy, but when I pull through the drive-thru at McDonald's and pick up a large, COLD Dr. Pepper in one of those styrofoam cups (that stay cold a LONG time), my day gets better right away!

2. Crime Novels
I don't do sappy, feel-good, or love stories. Life is full of things that make you sad or want to cry so I enjoy curling up with a book that is exciting. For me, a good "who-dunnit" takes the cake! I LOVE to try and figure out all the twists and the excitement that comes at the end when the surprise is revealed. At the same time, I think I just like to imagine that in another life I could have made a great detective ... who knows. One of my absolute favorites is James Patterson. ALL of his books are AWESOME! They are full of suspense and good twists. You can get them through Amazon (just click on the link to the right).

3. Magic Shell
I know what you are thinking..... and NO, i'm not 5 years old. That is why these are guilty pleasures! I don't know why, but having a bowl of chocolate ice cream with chocolate magic shell on top makes me happy.
4. A great massage
Who can argue this one? It isn't something that I get to do very often, but I just love treating myself to a massage. It does so much to relieve stress and it helps loosen the tension I get from working at my computer so much. (hmmm, I wonder if that would count as a tax write-off as business related? :)
5. Starbucks Caramel Macchiato
These babies are really expensive, otherwise they would be put into the category of "daily habit." But, since I am the definition of frugal I only get them on special occasions or when I have a gift card. My mom, who has always been "anti-Starbucks" tried one today and was instantly hooked. Now, if only the IV was actually a possibility....

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