Saturday, March 13, 2010

I just love a good deal!

Ok, I have to let you all in on a true bargain that I have stumbled upon!

A good friend of mine mentioned this site to me a few weeks ago, but we were busy talking over lunch and I soon forgot about it.

Well, a few days ago I attended a cake decorating class at this adorable little place over near Opryland. My sweet husband knew I wanted to learn to do this on a more advanced level so he surprised me on Valentine's Day with a gift certificate to this class.

When I got there the staff kept asking me if I was there with the "groupon." I was stumped! I had no idea what she was talking about and probably looked like an idiot staring at her wondering if I had landed on the wrong planet or something.

After a few minutes the instructor came in, a very sweet lady who was more than happy to answer my question. Apparently a "groupon" is a website! It is much like getting a coupon, only that hundreds of people can take part. Every few days they offer up a new deal. My cake class was one of the recent "groupon" deals offered. Everyone else in class with me was there because they bought into this. That means that instead of paying the $75 they normally charge for this class, they only paid $35.

Since I am all about using coupons to get a good deal I couldn't wait to get home and see for myself everything they had to offer. I saw one from a few days ago for a $135 spa package they were offering for only $65.

How cool is that!?

Each offer is good for a few days before it expires, but that doesn't mean you have to use it right away. It looks like most of them are good for several months before expiring. They all have some fine print, but nothing surprising or unreasonable.

They have a different deal every time and you can sign up to receive an email letting you know when a new one is rolled out.
Hurry over to their website and check it out!

You won't be sorry! I can't wait to see what they offer next!

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