Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another nerd in the family!

I must admit, I am one of the family.....

Yep, along with my mom and sis, I am a grocery nerd.

The total for everything here was around $17.85 before tax! One of my favorite stores is Publix, but every now and then I make a trip to Green Hills or Belle Meade to visit the Harris Teeter. Not only do they take coupons, they will occasionally TRIPLE them (up to 99 cents). It only lasts a week and there are certain restrictions, but I always get amazing deals!

Here is my list from yesterday:

3 bags No Yolks egg noodles
2 6oz Dannon light and fit 4-pack yogurts
2 bags frozen smiley face french fries
2 16oz Internation Delight creamers
1 pack Solo cups
1 bag Texas Toast croutons
1 Lysol toilet bowl cleaner
2 Lysol Antibacterial kitchen cleaner
2 tubs Lysol antibacterial wipes
1 large Carnation creamer
1 can french fried onions
1 Smart Balance sour cream
3 tubs fresh strawberries
1 squeeze container Welch's jelly
3 trays of 98% fat free boneless skinless chicken breasts

Cool, huh? Now consider this: The strawberries were buy 1, get 2 free (for $4.99) and the chicken breasts were also buy 1 get 2 free (for about $6 per tray.) So, if you take $11 off my total, I got everything else on my list for just $6.85.

My tax was around $2.50. I walked out of there having only paid $20.45 total.

I am going back tomorrow with a new list....

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