Thursday, February 25, 2010

Toes and Grows

Well folks, here it is! I have had many people ask me lately if I had a "Baby Plan" to include sessions from birth to one year old, wrapped up in nice little package. So here it is!

It is so exciting when you are making plans for that sweet little arrival. The linens, the nursery, the overnight bag for the hospital.... It seems like you wait forever to get to the big day. Then, when the baby comes you get home from the hospital and can think of just one thing.....
SLEEP (and when will I get to?) The last thing on your mind is making the call to line up a photographer, who is likely booked at that point.

When you book the Toes and Grows Baby Plan you can make those arrangements in advance. Let me know your due date and keep in touch when you know a possible time for the baby to make the big entrance and we can work together to figure out a date for your first session. Then, you can relax and focus on the layette..

Once your bundle of joy arrives we will shoot your choice of 4 sessions. You may choose from:
* Newborn
* 3 months
* 6 months
* 9 months
* 12 months

You will receive all the proofs from each of your four sessions (usually 35 or 40 images) as well as receiving your choice of panels.

Panel choices are:
* Precious Parts panel
* Grow with me panel with your choice of images, with name and birthdate
Both of these panels are complete with frame, matte and glass.

I am also beginning to do the Arrival Sessions. For those of you who would really love to capture those precious minutes when your sweet arrival takes place.

Nothing graphic, just the intimate joys you would normally never see.

A CD of black and white images are yours to keep to document the day. Mother getting her first look, baby's first cry, and all the tears and laughs that go along with it. If interested let me know and I can discuss the details with you.

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