Saturday, February 20, 2010

my awesome neighbor.... and some saturday fun!

Ok, so not too long ago I posted my blog about the "Saints" cake I did for the Super Bowl. I was so excited to find an outlet for my creativity when I am tired of staring at my computer or heaving my camera around. Everybody needs a good hobby, right!?

Well, in talking to my neighbor before the big game, she taught me how to make the Fleur de Lis look great on top of the cake. She has been making beautiful cakes for years now, and I was thrilled that she freely passed along some good tips.

Well, this time she did something even better! She let me help her with a cake.


You should know that I was very excited to learn that my sweet husband signed me up for a cake class, to learn how to make those fancy fondant cakes. He went to my neighbor to find out where I should go to learn these fun new skills.

So, last night when she was working on her latest wedding cake she invited me to help. (I have not been to my class yet, it's scheduled for next month!)
When I arrived, she put me right to work rolling out the fondant for the top layer (you can see her working on the border, which she added last.) She really taught me a lot and got me excited for my upcoming class.

I went back over today to see the almost finished product. She had it all stacked, with the exception of the top two layers of the 5 layer cake. So, I photographed it for her and figured I would post it here. It looked so beautiful!! If you know of anyone getting married I would highly recommend her. She makes beautiful cakes and from what I can tell she is very reasonable since she works from home.

The final cake had 5 layers with 3 clusters of the red roses stuck in amongst the layers, which she made. You can eat them and they look like the real thing. It was just beautiful!!

So, today being Saturday I decided not to work too hard. The laundry was done, the house was clean. My husband suggested we try out the new skills Donna had taught me last night, and offered to help. So, we baked a simple round cake, stacked it and made fresh frosting. We decided to keep it simple.

Keep in mind, I am NO Cake Boss. At least not yet..... (ha!!)

It was fun, though. We spent some time together in the kitchen (which doesn't happen very often) and came away with a pretty good result.

I won't bore you with too many more cake posts as I develop my new hobby but I was pretty proud of this one. It's just a simple white cake (it took FOREVER to get it that smooth...) with a yellow ribbon of icing around the bottom and some cute yellow and brown polka dots.

What do you think?

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