Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We are Nashville!

Well, thankfully I have managed to clean up the mess here at my house for the most part. Pictures will come in the next few days. I am very blessed and very thankful. I feel so lucky to have suffered so little damage. When I drive around and see my surroundings I know how much worse my situation could have been.

I wanted to link up to a couple of blogs for you to read. One is my friend Beth here and the other is a local sports writer who wrote a very heartfelt, amazing article here.

It is so sad how Nashville has been ignored in this. We are not a city to ask for help. However, this is among the biggest natural disasters in history (non-hurricane related). We have barely been a side-story on the national news.

I am so proud of my city. We help each other. We have such loving and gracious people here. When the river was pouring into my house yesterday people simply started showing up. Next door I watched as my son's school was flooded, yet hundreds of volunteers showed up wanting to do something to help. It is a Christian school, it will not receive the funds that Metro schools receive to rebuild. Everything that has been done so far has been from volunteer efforts; people who know and love the school (as seen below.... under lots of water). That is the Nashville I know and love.

But I am also disgusted at the national media for basically ignoring the gravity of this situation. So many people have lost EVERYTHING and they need help! Please pass this along to anyone you know that may be able to help, send donations, ANYTHING!

My sister's church was home yesterday to the residents of a local nursing home who were forced to evacuate. After she spent the day bailing water and moving stuff out of my basement she went there to serve them dinner. (I seriously owe her for that!)

Bottom line, this is a great town that is desperately in need of help. We need to get the word out and so far this is the best way I can find to do it!

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