Thursday, May 27, 2010

Photo of the day - I want cake!!!

Wow, it's been a long, long day! I wanted to try and get a photo of the day posted, though before I head off to bed.

I wanted something that makes me laugh. Then, I remembered this picture of my friend Candy's little boy, Carter. They had hired me to photograph her grandmother's 80th Birthday party, the whole family was there. So naturally, they had a really big cake for the big day.

Carter likes cake!

Every now and then he would ask if he could have cake and they would politely say "not yet." Finally, I guess he decided that if he sat at the table right in front of the cake someone would come over and cut him a slice....... Nope, didn't happen.

He was actually very patient, and I am sure he had been lectured about being good for his great-grandmother's birthday party. So, he didn't make a scene as you might imagine a little boy would. He just sat there.

Eventually, when everyone was gathering around the cake he got so excited..... only to learn that he had to wait for a family group photo and a round of "Happy Birthday" before he could have it. It was then that he just laid his head down in frustration.

It was so adorable and so funny! I thought you might like it too!

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