Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday! - dream houses

Well, in my lifetime I have lived in many different places and states. Houses, apartments, mom and dad's of course, from Nashville to Phoenix. Being a flight attendant gave me the opportunity to see and experience all different types of environments.

As you may have read before, I do NOT like heights! So you won't find me living on some mountain top. I am also fairly claustrophobic. I like my space. Therefore, a house in a crowded subdivision is not my thing.

I would love to have some property where I could build my own dream house. Although, after the recent flood here in Nashville that caused the Stones River to invade my basement, I would prefer to be at least a mile from any sort of lake or river..... I love to visit them on nice, sunny days, I just don't like seeing them come into my house uninvited.... call me crazy.

The house would be similar to a plantation house you see in places like New Orleans, or even the Hermitage. Brick exterior, big columns, and a porch filled with ferns and rocking chairs. It's cozy, yet elegant. I like to feel like I am away from everything, but within driving minutes of the places I need to be.

Inside I am really fond of my hardwood and tile floors. No carpet for me to clean. I would have a big, bright, open kitchen with all the cool accessories!

Plus, a bathroom that I could relax in. I love cozy, but also charming and spacious.

Most of all, I would love a fireplace! None of this gas stuff, I want to burn real wood! I grew up in a home where we always had a fire going in the winter. Although hauling the wood in the house can be a pain, there is nothing else quite like it!

My second "dream house" is going to be on the beach. While we are dreaming, let's make sure that there is no one else around. I would love to have my own private beach with a dock where my boys could fish and my husband could park a boat.

Again, I love spacious. Room for the whole family to go down and relax whenever they want to.

Oh yeah, any dream house I ever own..... will be loaded with flood insurance! :)

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