Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New! Photo of the day!

I have been asked a couple of times to try and put up a picture of the day. So, this is me trying to get that started! Now, I cannot promise to get one up each and every day but I promise to try!

Sometimes I may post a great portrait that I love, or it may be just a cool shot I think you might like. And sometimes...... I might just post a picture of something I have found that I love, a great product, who knows! So keep checking back to see what it will be!

Here is today's
Isn't this beautiful? This is part of the "Farm", the property owned by some good friends of mine. I posted about it here. I chose this image today because this is one of my favorite places. I can always go there and be relaxed, and feel like the fast-paced world around has paused for bit.

Look at the fog coming off the mountain... It is always so quiet, and with the exception of a few bugs and snakes (in my opinion),it is a great example of God's handiwork. It is truly a small slice of Heaven.

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