Friday, April 9, 2010

A muffin and a cowboy


Ok gang, so the "Friday Fives" subject today at Just me and my life is 5 things that make you laugh, smile, giggle, etc..

1. So, first of all I must admit that the joke my husband has told since the day we met is not even remotely funny to me. Maybe it is because I just don't have the dry, corny sense of humor he does. I don't know. The joke is called "the muffin joke" and every time he tells it, he looks at me like I should be bowed over laughing out loud but instead I am looking at him wondering what planet he originated from to think that is funny.

However, my 5yr old, Christian has since learned of the muffin joke. Naturally, thinking everything his daddy does is perfect, he laughed and has now adopted it as his own. For some reason, when he tells it I cannot help but laugh. He adds his own personality to it along with what I can only describe as a "growl" to the end. If you know him you will have to ask him to tell his joke. Since you are probably now wondering, it goes like this:
"There are 2 muffins sitting in the oven. One says to the other "man, it is hot in here." The other muffin turns around and says "oh my gosh! A talking muffin!"

Don't feel bad if you didn't laugh. Seriously, it's really only funny when Christian tells it.... sometime I will have to post a video if I can get him to do it for me.

2. So, we have all been to wal-mart and you have probably by now seen the "people of Wal-Mart" site. If not, all I can say is WOW! If you want a really good laugh, go to the site Have you seen these people? What on earth are they thinking? Someone should buy this girl a mirror or at least escort her to that part of the store. This just reaffirms my commitment to run..... Yikes!

3. My mom will probably want to kill me for this, but I imagine she will laugh too and forgive me! She called me one day when my little sis was out of town. She had gone over to her house to feed their dog. I don't even remember what we were talking about when she called, probably asking me where the dog food was. All I remember is that we were suddenly cut off. I tried calling her back only to get voice mail. But, before I had time to leave a message she called me back. From that point on I could barely understand her, she was laughing so hard. She had called me on Kim's home phone and apparently kept talking as she drove away..... she just couldn't figure out why we were cut off!! She tried calling me again only to realize that she was riding down the road talking on Kim's home telephone. She barely made it back to Kim's to hang it up without laughing herself right off the road and finally calling me from her cell. From that point we had to hang up because neither of us could talk about anything else without laughing!

4. We have all done crazy stuff while talking on the phone. I know, this was the theme of #3, but oh well! I was a teenager eating dinner one night when a friend called. I remember my dad (the lifetime army man) getting upset with me for talking at the dinner table rather than asking to call them back. I was busy arguing with him over this when I dropped the phone...... into my plate of spaghetti! My mom and sister immediately starting to giggle, but my dad was unwavering. Until... I leaned over the cordless handset (which was much bigger in those days and now covered in spaghetti sauce) and yelled "hang on!" At that point even my dad could not control himself. We were all laughing so hard he eventually sent us to the front porch to calm down. Lord only knows what we must have looked like out there. We tried coming back in to finish our dinner but it was no use.

5. You may remember from an earlier post HERE that my husband is from New Orleans. So, every year we make trip down to visit the family. The time of year varies, but one thing he and I always do is make a trip into the French Quarter. This is the people watching capitol of the world! I am telling you, this is free entertainment at its best! You can just walk around or simply stand in one place for a little while and see a multitude of things. (not to mention stopping to get a cafe au lait and a beignet! Yum!)
I am not even talking about Mardi Gras, that is another bear in itself. Last year we went down in springtime and Chip and I took our usual walk down in the Quarter. We came upon a sight so funny I could hardly control myself. I am used to seeing the street folks, who paint themselves all different colors (silver, gold.... oh yes!) but this was different. It was a long-haired man wearing only a SPEEDO, a cowboy hat and boots! Oh yes, and he was playing a guitar and singing. WHAT A SIGHT! Even worse were the women (and some men...) gawking at him as if this were a glorious sight!
He is called The Naked Cowboy and even has his own website! hmm, now that is scary, but REALLY FUNNY!!

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