Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Fives - food!!!

Time for the Friday Fives again! Today is going to be my top 5 favorite Restaurants. Sadly, that will be easy since I really love to eat!!

1. Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
Ok, the first thing I should say is YUM!!! I don't get to eat here often because it is so expensive, but it is by far the best meal on the planet.

2. The Genghis Grill
This place is just amazing! What is so great is that it works for anyone's taste, even children. The pickiest person in the world could walk in and find something they like.
The way it works is they bring you a bowl and tell you to fill it up. You go through the line and pick out which meats you want, then you throw on the veg
gies you like (if any), fruit, etc. Next stop is the sauce. You have about 16 different sauces to choose from. They even have small cups and spoons to allow you to taste them and figure out which one you prefer. You fill up your sauce and then proceed toward the grill. A man will ask you which starch you want: white rice, brown rice, noodles, etc. From that point they put your food on a HUGE round grill top and cook it with big wooden skewers. When it's done they bring it to your table. HOW COOL IS THAT!? You are guaranteed to go in and there and get a meal cooked the way you like it because you made it!

3. Any Japanese Hibachi restaurant
It isn't just the atmosphere where the guys come in and cook in front of you, although that is lots of fun too. I just love the food! You always know it is fresh, from the meat to the vegetables. You get food and entertainment all wrapped up in one.

4. La Hacienda
Honestly any AUTHENTIC Mexican restaurant will do, this is just one of my favorites! Bring on the fajitas and cheese dip! Yum!

5. Chick-Fil-A
Ok, so I figured I couldn't make them all sit-down places. I do honestly LOVE Chick-fil-a though. To be fast food you can't beat it. The employees always bend over backwards to take care of us and it has a SOUND PROOF play room for the kids. My friends and I love to go there for play-dates because the kids can play (in the clean, dry, air-conditioned/heated) play room while the adults sit and enjoy "grown-up" conversation. Plus, they are never out of your sight. I can always look up and see where they are when they are playing. Then, they are allowed to trade in their toy for ice cream. AWESOME!

So, that's it! I am pretty simple when it comes to food. I don't like all the "fancy-dancy" places that focus more on how the food looks than how it tastes. Those are usually the places that give you enough to feed a squirrel but no more. You could say I am an American "Meat and Three" kind of girl. You won't find me eating anything I cannot pronounce or involving feta, brie, duck, etc.... you get the idea!

As for dislikes, here are a few:

1. Any deli or sandwich place.
I know! Many people think this is strange, un-american, yada, yada, yada..... For as long as I can remember I have always disliked sandwiches. That doesn't mean I don't ever eat a sandwich, but the thought of going OUT only to eat a sandwich is crazy to me. People on a budget (like me) end up eating stuff like this at home a LOT. Why on earth would I want to go out and pay $4-$5 for a sandwich or soup??? I can do that at home for way less. When I leave home I want something yummy!

2.Chinese food
This is a whole different beast than Japanese. I am never quite sure where it came from or exactly what it is..... scary just doesn't begin to cover it. Yuck!

3. Seafood or anything Cajun
I have no idea why. This has always been something I cannot stomach or even stand to smell. When I was pregnant with Cameron it became worse. I could not walk down the aisle leading to the seafood counter at the grocery store without becoming physically sick. (Pregnancy does weird things to you!)

As for the cajun food, it is a little tricky. My husband is from New Orleans, so this was tough for him to get used to. Fortunately, when we go down to visit, most places have other (simpler) things on the menu. Thank Heavens!!!

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