Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Brighter, beautiful side...

Well, with all the yuck and frustration over all the snow days lately I figured I would post something on the brighter side. Sometimes we get caught up with worrying what on earth can possibly keep the kids entertained during yet ANOTHER snow day, I think we fail to see the beauty in it all.
So, Wednesday as we sat in the house doing our usual snow day stuff, I grabbed my camera and headed outside.

This was the first thing I saw when I went outside. It reminded me of the first movie in "The Chronicles of Narnia." It was so peaceful and still.

I love the fact that, even when there is no snow, this is what I look at when I step out my back door. No matter what is going on in my life, this is always a nice site to see.

As I kept walking, there were many things that caught my eye. The first was the sight of my kids' tire swing. It was perfectly motionless and showed exactly how much snow had fallen. It was almost eerie.

I didn't have to stay outside long to see the many beautiful things that surrounded me. This is an old storage barn belonging to my neighbor. I thought it looked cool.

There was also this antique bell
with "USA" printed across the top.

And this birdhouse.

This is the same birdhouse I remember seeing back in May as I watched the flood waters coming closer. It was a measure of sorts... I could look out at it and gauge how much closer the river had come since the last time I checked. Eventually, I couldn't see it at all. It looks so different now.

Finally, there was the sight of my kids' school. Most everyone will remember the news and my posts here about the school being completely under water during the now infamous May flood. It is a nice, refreshing sight to see the look of the school with all the gorgeous snow, as opposed to what we saw then.

It is so much better. It reminds me of how powerful God is. Bad things can happen, but if you look around every now and then you will see how He turns things around.

Even after a tra
gedy, He makes things beautiful again.

Too deep? Sorry!
Blame it on the .... well, snow.

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