Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow day FUN and a Good Deed!

It's a SNOW DAY in Tennessee! This is the first time in my life that I can remember having so much snow across the state that the "Snow Bird" report said "All the Tennessee schools are closed today!"

We are not used to a lot of snow here! As you can tell, Nashville totally shuts down. It's really a good thing, though. Our drivers here are bad enough on a pretty day. Add some snow and its a recipe for disaster!

So, naturally my kids wanted to go out and play in the snow. Even though escaping the comfort and coziness of my pajamas was not in any way appealing to me, I obliged them and we went out. It was actually pretty fun for a while.

This is the sort of snow that sticks together. It is perfect SNOWMAN snow! I watched in amazement as my boys rolled their snowballs until they were the size of boulders. Then we all struggled to get this guy put together. It was fun, though.

This is FROSTY.

I know, very original. What can I say? They're kids. They like the tradition.

As always, I was glad to get back into my warm house. The boys can't seem to get enough, though. Christian has finally settled back in inside the house.

Cameron has decided to go back outside. The idea of going back out is totally CRAZY if you ask me!

I have to brag on him, though. When I looked out the window to check on him he was shoveling snow off our neighbor's sidewalk.

I was so proud!! I wanted to run for my camera, but I was afraid he would be in a place where I couldn't get a clear shot (or be done) by the time I got back. So, I snapped a quick picture with my phone - to explain the awful picture.

Hmmm, if this snow lasts I wonder what they will do tomorrow??

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