Monday, January 24, 2011

January Sale!!

Ok, so Christmas is over....
Whew! I love it, but I am always glad to get back to a somewhat normal life.
I am also excited every year to see what sort of good sales are out there! I think most retailers know that with all the money we spend in November and December, it is only fair to offer a break in January when things are tight once again. I did this last year and it was very popular, so once again I am offering my January/February sale.

Each year I have a ton of customers come out for my fall promotion. Many of them will buy prints, albums, etc. to give as gifts and then say "I hope to buy something for myself after Christmas." Boy, do I know how you all feel!

So, I hope to make it easy on all of you who wanted to bu
y yourself a little something!

That's right folks! That is a good deal!

Let me tell you, the proof book is pretty cool. It is an 8x10, spiral bound "thing" with 6 images on each page. It has a cover page with your favorite image and your family name, kids' names, the year, or whatever you would like it to say!

You can easily put this on the coffee table to let your guests tell you how cute your kids are!!

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