Friday, February 4, 2011

Love these frames!

First of all let me just scream for a minute.....

"Triple Yay, Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!!!!"
My kids actually had a FULL week of school this week!
That hasn't happened since early December.
Now it is almost Valentine's Day.


So, I have actually been able to get some work done this week! Last night I had a customer come to my house to pick up some prints she ordered. I had photographed her family during my fall promotion. They are such a cute family, their portraits turned out really great!

I knew she was waiting on some frames, which she had ordered from Littlebits, so I kept them and put them in the frames for her.

Let me tell you, AWESOME is all I can say! I sell portraits regularly, and I am always happy to sell you a frame. I have tons and tons of styles to choose from.

HOWEVER! I will tell you now that these are the BEST looking frames that have ever walked out of my front door!

Notice that they are NOT all exactly alike. But they do compliment each other.

You may also notice that these frames are unlike anything you can buy in a frame shop. They are hand made, painted, distressed, etc. They have that extra touch that most places will also charge you extra for.

This was the largest of the bunch. The photo here does not do it justice. This is a 16x20 portrait! It is obviously going on a large wall, where it will definitely stand out and become her new conversation piece.

See the chunky texture? You can see that the frame is old, made from some really old wood, but it is not falling apart by any means.
(Seriously, this sucker was solid..... I hope she anchors it to a few studs.)
I really love it's character. It's stuff like this that makes a house turn into a home.

These were the only two matching pieces out of the 4, they turned out beautiful.
Having 2 beautiful kids to put in them helps, too.

Last, but certainly not least. I LOVE THIS ONE! Ok, I actually loved all of them or I wouldn't be writing this, but I think this one was just so cool.

Bottom line is, if you have something you want framed you need to call Kim at Littlebits. I have seen her do this in a soft baby pink and a sweet robin's egg blue, too. Nothing is ever really alike, they are very unique. Who doesn't love that?

Finally, you don't have to spend a lot to give your wall a makeover, or freshen up your fireplace with a new look! I have seen frames like these in a few of the designer booths at Christmas Village, they are always a big hit. (They also come with a very big price tag at most of them.) Kim will make you a deal like you wouldn't believe!

Seriously, you need to call her.

Then you can call me for a great portrait to go in them. :)

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