Thursday, February 17, 2011

Life and times with Buster

This is Buster.

He is the class pet in Christian's kindergarten class.

Cute, huh?

This past week it was our turn to have Buster for the weekend. We tried to keep him entertained.
(I think he had a good time. )

I know Christian enjoyed him. Of course, Christian has a thing about stuffed animals.... I can't tell you how many currently live on his bed. It's a scary nu
mber. They could take over if they wanted, we are seriously outnumbered!

So, basically everywhere Christian went, Buster went.

They watched movies... I think this was d
uring "Daddy Day Care."

They went to a friend's birthday slumber party.
I didn't get pictures of that, it wasn't my party. (A
bunch of kindergartners full of pizza and cake... NOT sticking around for that!)

We took them to my late grandparent's farm where my hu
sband keeps his bees.
We tried hard to keep Buster out of the honey. He likes honey.

He is a bear, after all...

Then, we went up in the barn to feed the cows. Christian always loves going to see the cows and figured Buster would, too.

I think he was a little intimidated....

Then, we took him to the duck pond. We threw them stale bread and watched them chase after it. That was fun, up until the part where Dixie (the fat pup) chased all the ducks away.....

Overall, it was a good time! We enjoyed having Buster around, and now he has now gone home to the DCA classroom where he spends his days, at least until next weekend when he will go somewhere new.

So long, Buster!

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