Monday, February 28, 2011

Before and after....

It's late at my house, so forgive me for keeping this short tonight.

We have had a pretty big week around here, though.

Aside from the fact that my children had yet ANOTHER short school week!
Monday was a holiday and Friday the school was closed because they had no electricity.....

Seriously, people. What is going on this year? It has been so strange, they just can't seem to keep the kids at school.

Who would have thought, after all the snow days we have had, the flood this past May, that we would have another day out for electricity?? I know it isn't weird to have the power go out. It happens a lot with spring storms, but usually it comes back on within a few minutes or hours.
This time is was more like 36 hours. Since the storm was Thursday night, that meant the school was forced to close on Friday.

I guess they can't have class in the dark.


Well, anyway! The rest of our week involved the following little guy.

Yep, that is Christian. He is doing his best to give me a smile that shows all his teeth.
It looks a little unnatural... it isn't his normal smile.
But, the point was not to get a perfect portrait, it was to show his sweet smile (almost) with all those baby teeth.


He lost his first tooth.
Obviously, this is the After.

See the little red dot? That is where his tooth used to be. You can probably even see the big tooth that had already popped through behind it.

He was so proud he could hardly contain himself.

I was ready to cry.
My baby.

My last baby, is not a baby anymore.

The End.

What else can I say after that? Sniff...

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