Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine Prep..

Ok, is it just me or does Valentine's Day become more about the kids and their parties once you're a parent?

Not that I ever really got into the holiday that much before I had k
ids (in my adult life at least, I did as a child), but now it seems to be all about them.

Seriously folks, if you love someone you shou
ld show them how much you love them every day. You don't need one day set aside, only to go out and buy WAY OVERPRICED flowers, etc. I would be pretty ticked off if my husband came home with roses and I found out he paid $40 or $50 for them! Next week you could buy those same flowers for me for about $10!!! It's just a racket, but hey that is just my opinion!

Anyway! Back to the kids... There are the school parties, the nasty little hearts that
taste like chalk, the valentine cards (and what character will grace their cover this year - heaven forbid we repeat a year past), and the chocolate kisses.
(Ok, I admit I like the chocolate and will readily raid my kids' treats when they come home...)

It's a lot of work! This year Cameron was given homework to build his own box in order to receive his valentines at their party on Monday. Since we were out yesterday for yet ANOTHER snow day (I won't even go there.. been there, blogged that already) I figured we would spend the day doing all the prep work involved in getting them ready for the chocolate-covered holiday.

So, Cameron set to work on his box. I must say when he returned an hour or so later I was really impressed with what he came up with! Obviously, gift-wrapping a shoe box was not going to do it for him, it had to be unique.
He found a piece of cardboard in the basement, cut it into the appropriate sizes and formed it together to make a mailbox! (You can see here that LOTS of tape was involved in this process....) It is complete with the flag on the side, our address, and a door that opens with a latch to receive his mail! I know, I'm the mom and I will be biased, but I thought that was very creative!!

Next, we set out to do the cards. Christian chose Scooby Doo (big surprise - yeah, right.)

Cameron asked for a superhero theme. Since Target did not have any superheroes he had not previously handed out we decided on dinosaurs. NOT just any dinosaurs, mind you.

These little darlins have a hologram!

First you see the dinosaur, then you see the skeleton. Cool, huh!?
I kn
ow not very romantic, but he's only 9 romance isn't the point quite yet. He wants cool. We achieved that.

Naturally, since we were home all day they asked for a snack that I normally would not have time to make. So, I figured I would make it fun and festive! They have
been begging for rice krispie treats.
I don't h
ave any rice krispies...
but I DO
have Fruity Pebbles! They were super cheap at Publix yesterday, so I made them fruity pebble treats. You know, I think I like them better! They are fun and colorful and they taste much better! The kids thought they were just the best thing ever, and they sort of went with the whole Valentine theme so it worked!

So, the best part now is that we are all set for the kids' Valentine's Day parties at school Monday!
The prep work is done. At least until the next holiday.

I hope you all enjoy your Valentine's Day. Whether you celebrate it big or not at all, be sure to tell those close to you how much you love and appreciate them!

With love,

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