Monday, January 4, 2010

Day One..... Yipee!!

Ok folks, here goes...

My friends, family, and other moms with a crazy life like mine have said that I need to start a blog to keep tabs on life, business, kids, yada, yada, yada.....

I am not going to kid you, or myself for that matter, and pretend that I am gifted at writing or entertaining. So, I promise to do my best and that is all. I will, however, post good deals when I find them and let you know of any specials I am running, that sort of thing!

Today has been a day of "catch-up"... you know that after holiday crud that we all run into. Laundry piled to the ceiling, etc. Chip started his new day shift today for which he had to be there at 6:30am (OUCH!) and Cameron had a friend to spend the night last night. So, basically none of us got any sleep last night and the house is a wreck. Aaaahhhh!!!

Now, it seems I have been playing catch-up all day but getting very little accomplished. Ever have one of those days? Not to mention that the kids have been cooped (sp?) up in the house all day and are completely bored to tears. We are all going a little crazy, but what to do??

I am including a couple of pics I took tonight of my youngest, Christian. I had run out of entertainment ideas, so I put him in the tub.... something that will keep him occupied for quite a while so long as there are toys and plenty of shaving cream (he LOVES playing with shaving cream, its like white paint that washes off clean.) Big brother, Cameron, was off at basketball so he was thrilled to have the entire bathroom to himself. As you can see, he was more than happy to give me a few corny smiles.

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