Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Photo for the day

I know, I have been mostly absent from my blogging duties this summer.... Sorry! It has literally flown by before my eyes. We have had so much going on, from activities to out of town guests, it hasn't left me much time on my computer. So, today I wanted to at least get a photo of the day up while I had a few minutes.

Isn't she a doll! This is Roxy.

I was tasked a couple of weeks ago to be the "official photographer" for VBS at our church. I basically walked around taking pictures of everyone and everything that would stand still long enough (and some that didn't!)

I came away with a ton of great shots. Lots of kids having a wonderful time. I can't deny that this is one of my favorite shots from that week. She was running around in her pink princess swimsuit between the water slide and bouncy house, taking a quick break for something cold to drink.

I just love that she wasn't posing, she simply turned around and smiled at me when I called her name.
Then, she was off again.....

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