Monday, July 26, 2010

Home project and my sis is a genius....

I was standing in my home studio Saturday baffled. I have tried repeatedly to figure out how to get things better organized in there for months. I had a general idea of what I wanted to do, and how I imagined it would look. But, for some reason I couldn't get it there.

I have a variety of things on hand for work. I knew I had to keep these things, but had run out of storage space and could not figure out the best way to store them without letting my new work space look like a junk storage room!

Then the light bulb came on.....

I remembered my sister's post here on her blog from several months ago where she had a very similar problem, with a pretty cool (and cheap :) solution. SHE IS A GENIUS!

So, that took care of my dilemma for storage. BUT, I still did not have a place to put my new organizing system! I needed something to put them on. A shelf, a unit, SOMETHING!

SO, my husband suggested I head to Lowe's after I stop for the materials I needed for my organizers and see if there was anything on sale. He knows I will NOT buy anything at full price. It had to be a bargain. When I got there the only "bargain" was a 3 foot mahogany shelf for $20. NOPE. Not gonna do it. I had to get really creative.

I decided I could do much better than that myself. I headed over to the lumber and found a 2"x10"x8' piece of wood for $6.63, some spray paint for $3.87, and a couple of $1.29 brackets. Now, that is MUCH BETTER! I had the nice man at Lowe's cut the wood in half, giving me two 4ft. pieces. That's enough for TWO SHELVES! Plus, I had only spent around $18 so far.

I was so excited! I went home with my finds, my husband just shaking his head at me (wondering if I could really pull it off.) I got right to work!

I spray painted the brackets and gave each piece of wood 2-3 coats as well. While they dried, I went inside out of the heat and made my "Littlebits" inspired organizers.

Finally, everything started to come together. When I brought in the new shelf I managed to distress the edges like my sis has shown me, although I must say I don't have her particular talent for this. I did my best, though.

I then recruited my husband to hook up the drill and hang my new shelf. It was so exciting, knowing that I started from nothing.

But, once I got my new organizers loaded and put on the shelf, then hung my backdrops in their new home it really made a HUGE difference.

Finally, my studio is beginning to look like just that. I already have customers booked to come in tomorrow, and I can't wait to show it off. Maybe soon I will run a new special just so I can take advantage of my newly re-designed space!

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