Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Fives - My wish list!

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It's time for the Friday Fives again! Today's topic is the top 5 things on my wish list. I am going to go off the assumption that since it is a wish list, this means that I can really dream, so here goes....

1. A Maid!!! Wow, this was an easy one. I cannot express enough how much I hate cleaning. I don't mind it occasionally, but I can't imagine how bad my house would look if I only cleaned occasionally. Sadly, I prefer to keep my house spotless, with everything in it's place. LIKE THAT EVER ACTUALLY HAPPENS!!! I do try, but such is life I guess.

2. Unlimited home improvements!
I have an older home, built in the 60's. I love the old houses, they have so much character. I wanted a house that I could change and work on. I LOVE working on my house. Probably too much. I could spend all day (and way too much money) in Home Depot, Lowe's, etc.... Since I am blessed with that creative brain I am always coming up with new things I would like to do to my house. At the moment my list is getting quite extensive (pave the driveway, new patio, new sidewalk, deck, shrubs....). Thankfully, my goal of painting my brick exterior in under way right now, so I can check that off my list soon. (Although not until the heat goes back down a little...)
If only I could just have a carpenter on staff I would get it all done!

3. A million dollars? Or two??
Don't we all wish for this? Who doesn't have things they could use a little extra cash for? Save for kids' college, retirement, MAID!

4. A new camera!
Being a photographer, I always have a wish list of stuff I would like to get for work. Right now at th
e top of my list is a new camera. My current one works fine, but I have my eye on a new one. It's the Canon 50d and it is AWESOME!

5. Cricut cake!
Have you seen this thing? It is amazing! It's made just like the Cricut scrapbookers use, except it's for cake. It cuts fondant, etc. into anything you can imagine for decorating a cake.... Oooooooh, I would so love to get my hands on one of these! Wit
h my new hobby of decorating cakes this would just be awesome!! "The icing on the cake", you could say....

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