Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Photo of the day! Happy Daddy Day!

Well since Father's Day is this weekend, I wanted to get a couple of father/son photos posted. I hope you will enjoy them!

This first one was taken a couple of years ago, but I still love it. I look back at it and cannot believe my boys were that small. As you can see they are doing one of their most favorite things... sitting in their daddy's lap reading "Goodnight Moon."

Aren't these two cute! You have probably seen me post pictures of little Jack before. He is one of my favorite subjects! He is such a doll and so full of energy! I just love watching him.

This was taken last year before his daddy left for Iraq. Luckily, he is due to come home sometime soon!! He is a good friend of me and Chip. We are very proud of him and what he is doing and can't wait to get him back home.

Last, but not least I figured I would post a picture of my sweet dad. I made this one of him last Easter with my niece, Lilly. He is the best dad in the world!

Happy Father's day to all the wonderful Daddy's out there!!!

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