Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Photo for the day - or two...

Well, it has been a while so I figured I would try to get a photo of the day posted. Since it has been so long I may as well post 2!

This is Brittany. I had the pleasure of photographing her wedding this past May. Isn't she beautiful!

In case I have not mentioned it before I have a business partner that I shoot weddings with, Angie Davis. We discovered, after some time shooting weddings by ourselves, that it goes much more smoothly when there are 2 of us! Plus, we have very similar photography styles!

So, a few years ago, we decid
ed to give it a try.

Wow! What a difference!
It was at that point Fisher Davis Weddings was created! We have found that it is no longer just a job, but truly something we enjoy doing! We work reall
y well together, and that is certainly the best part! Imagine getting to go to work for a few (or 8) hours with your friend? It actually makes it fun!
Stay tuned, I am working on getting a Facebook page established with some of our work, etc. Plus, we will have special rewards for those followers who refer a bride, who books us for their wedding!

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