Monday, February 11, 2013

Fun times in 2013!

Well, the new year is off with a bang!  

Life is crazy busy these days, but I had to share an experience with you!  

My two boys are both fairly active in Cub Scouts.  My oldest is actually a Webelo 2, which is the highest rank for Cub Scouts before making the jump into Boy Scouts.  So, the fun times for him are really just about to begin.

Let me tell you, Scouting is a LOT of WORK!  These boys really put in some hours, and do lots of activities and projects to earn their advancement!  The older they get, the more they are required to do in order to earn their way.  However,  it is also a LOT of fun!

The first of the year, as we were making the race to get all of their badge requirements in by the deadline, we had the opportunity to take a fun weekend trip and get some requirements knocked out at the same time.  That's what we call a WIN-WIN!

Our trip was to Gatlinburg for a couple of nights.
The boys planned the trip, followed the map to determine how we would get there, and even had to do a budget to plan for meals, etc.

We stayed in a really beautiful log cabin, on the side of a mountain (that was a little too steep for my comfort level, but that's another story.) 
It had lots of fun things for the boys to do while they were there, including a pool table, hot tub, arcade games, and more!
I had a lot of fun teaching him to play pool, something I had not done since college....

Our biggest adventure while we were there was to visit Ober Gatlinburg for a day on the slopes.  Most of the kids had never skiied before, or even visited the mountains. 

We started the day with a beginner ski class for those who were new to the sport.  Some of the boys chose to try snowboarding, but we decided to start off simple and teach him the basics of skiing.

I was so proud!  This is a sport I have loved since being introduced to it as a teenager.
After his lesson, and some expected falls while figuring things out, he started to get the hang of it and was soon skiing along beside me!  We were blessed with beautiful sunny weather, which helped prevent him from getting too cold and giving up. My boy took right to it and came home loving it as much as I do!  Of course, he is now pestering me about when we can go back, a problem I don't really mind.

By the end of the day we were all exhausted.  They went back to the cabin for a night of homemade pizza and a soak in the hot tub.  We all slept really well that night!

The next morning we were sad to leave.  It was really some great time spent with my baby, who seems to be growing way too fast.  We got everything packed up, snapped a few pictures and we were on our way.

A perfect weekend. Can't wait for another!

Now, we are only a few weeks away from his crossover ceremony where he will make the jump into Boy Scouts.  It's a sure sign that he is growing into a young man, but I look forward to the fun times it will bring!

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